Saturday, August 26, 2006

I can do it !

I downloaded some free software so that I can scan and stitch together 12x12 scrap pages !
Here are some I did awhile ago and just got to scanning. Thanks to Joy for pushing me to get going!

In other news, I've got a busy few weeks planned.
I might be helping teach the sunday school at our church. I had a ton of fun with VBS, so I got the call for s.s. There is a meeting before the rally next week.

I'm thinking of going to a stampin' up party in Belle Plaine, I want to see the new catalog and maybe meet some other die hard crafters.

Ben's preschool is starting soon, so we have to go to registration and sign up for the parent class. Ben calls it night school. Last year we had a lot of fun and I even got brent to go for most of the second session. I know it drives brent nuts to do anything slightly crafty, so it was pure torture I'm sure ! :)

The owner of the local scrap store approached me about working there. She needs someone to cover afternoons/early evenings and it might just work out. No money of course, but fun work I'm sure. She said that we have totally different styles so we would compliment eachother well. Brent teased me about my 'style' being totally different from most everyoe else !

This, on top of my regular two 1/2 jobs. And brent's racing. And the winthrop house. And brent's super busy at work StiLL!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hello there!

Is anyone even reading this? It's been a month, so i assume I'm talking to myself here....

Here's what's new:
  • Work, some of it sucks, some of it doesn't. My morning job is draining the life out of me. My trucking co is rocking! I'm learning so much there and I like the variety. My old landscape job is driving me nuts. They are really pathetic, so I help them out when I can, but I can only do so much. Either way, super busy
  • New (flipping) house, we took all of July off because it was so bloody hot, and brent's got a pinched nerve in his back. He was pretty incapacitated. We went back this week, and I'm trying to get into it again. I just want the kitchen done. There is so much painting and touch up to do. Plus I really need someone to help me put on the cabinet hinges.
  • Brent's racing has been good and terrible. He's either in the top 5 or doesn't finish. It's dissapointing when he works so hard and doesn't do well. At least we've got a few wins this year to help it along!
  • Brent's work: super busy. Annoyingly busy. Never around busy. Cranky busy. I'm way past this, hopefully when he finishes up a few more projects, things can get back to normal.
  • We did VBS (Vacation Bible School) and it was so cool. Exhausting, but cool. My neighbor and I did the crafts for the 3-8yr olds. Ben had a blast and it was neat.
  • Our friend george is living with us. I'm worried about him, but hopefully being here is helpful. we luv having him
  • I've got banana bread in the oven.......mmmmmmmmmmm.
  • I've been scrapping. Some of the best ones are below: (honestly when am I going to learn to scan and stitch layouts?)
  • I think that's about it...........

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So I haven't blogged in awhile - I know. Lots has been happening, but I've lost the urge to blog.

The one thing that brings me back is to brag on my hubby, Brent. He won his first race two weeks ago, and won again last Saturday. To go from racing for 5 yrs with no wins, to 2 wins in a row is pretty exciting around here ! I'll post pics later, including the big trophies he got.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don't make my 4yo ANGRY!

It's been awhile since I posted, while we've been plenty busy, it's not terribly exciting - ya know?

The other night Ben and I had to go to Menards - which is getting to be a pretty regular thing. We did some regular shopping first - major letter sticker score at Hobby Lobby! :) Then our last stop of the evening was Menards. I only needed two things - some metal thing for the roof and some 2x4's for Brent. That place is full of a bunch of idiots! No one knows where anything is, which means you are doing laps all over trying to find your stupid wood. I don't think we are welcome there anymore, especially after Ben is yelling down the isles - "I am so ANGRY, I am so UPSET, Menards was fine at first, but now they aren't". I wonder where he gets his anger issues from?????!

WOrk on the new house is slow but steady. I think the roof will be done before the weekend. Then Brent's real fun starts - he's itching to start ripping the siding off for some reason. I'm busy on the inside, sanding the new sheetrock mud and the cabinets. I really want to paint, but I've got another nite of sanding and clean up before I'm ready. We (ok, really just me) are regulars at Menards and Home Depot. My favorite is quickly becoming Home Depot (ha ha Brent) becuase all you do is grab the strongest looking boy in an orange shirt and tell him to follow you - they load everything!! :)

My last day at my landscape company is today. Pretty uneventful since I know they will continue to call/email me, but at least I don't have to physically go there anymore. WHat a jacked up place it is! So far this season, the only two lead gardeners we had, the only store manager we had, one office assistant, and me (the only person who knows what is really going on there) have quit. Not good !

At my morning job my boss is out for the next two weeks - Yippee! It doesn't change too much, since I don't do much there when he is there anyways....... but I do get to wear jeans, which is a plus!

I've gone on long enough for today.

Friday, May 19, 2006

no title

Why do I have the urge to blog when I come home from the bar????

So here's what's new:

Closed on the new house today; went to take care of some yard stuff. The yard rocks. The inside; not so much! I ripped off 1/2 the wallpaper in the kitchen. I've got a list a mile long of stuff we need to get that place in shape.

It's my birthday on Monday - we have a funeral on Monday in Sioux Falls, oh well! I went out with some neighbors tonite after we got home. Dairy Queen and the bar are not friends with eachother. I now know what Brent is complaining about when he gets a dairy tummy ache!

I get to miss work because of this funeral; good thing!

Brent had to buy a suit for his sister's wedding next weekend, hopefully we can pick it up from alterations before we leave for the funeral. Gotta get some major wear out of that investment!

I got two free really nicely framed and matted peices of 'art' for the new house - to make it look homey! they were on the side of the road - garage sale left overs. I've never taken anything from a free pile.

that's all for now ~Barb

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shopping Sucks

As a woman, I'm expected to like shopping, but I don't. It takes too much time and I hate getting undressed in those tiny rooms. The worst part is, we are not done; we need more clothes for the wedding next weekend! Oh well, at least Brent got felt up - I mean measured- for his suit alterations.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Overwhelmed, frustrated, dissapointed.

All unneccessarily, I'm sure.

That is all.